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The Mum & Dad at Löwe’f.

Lowe'f Owners

Löwe’f Artisanal, a family-owned bakery café, was started by food-lovers, Don Lowe and Yen Su Ching (yes, we’re married!), dedicated to creating food that is both honest and of the highest quality - day after day.

Using only natural ingredients and traditional fermentation techniques, Löwe’f Artisanal prides itself on the premium grade of all its bakes (now available online!), offering breadscookies and sweets that are wholesome and delectable.

All sandwiches at the café are created with the same heartfelt appreciation of beauty and excellence in food. Meticulously crafted using its in-house breads, the fillings and sauces of the sandwiches are made from scratch, with care to bring out the complex flavours of each ingredient.

So pop by Löwe’f Artisanal!
Savour authentic food and meaningful conversations.
Enjoy an open and welcoming environment.
Or make a convenient purchase from the online store.

Löwe’f Artisanal – it’s our home away from home; come and make it yours too!